Why Would You Choose Cyprus for the Establishment of Your Offshore Company?

October 30, 2016


Every business needs to pay taxes, and the better your business is doing, the greater chunk of its profits goes towards paying taxes.  In the end, taxes can reduce your profits by a significant amount – up to 60% in some countries!  By setting up an offshore company, incorporating it into your business funnel and ensuring that this offshore company is a tax resident of a country with low tax rates, you pay much less in tax and save on the overhead of your business.

Then the next question arises – what jurisdiction, offering low tax rates, should you pick?

Actually, finding an ideal jurisdiction for your business is a very individual decision based on the nature of your business and the countries you are planning on conducting business with. The best way to approach this question is to receive a professional consultation. We at Fiduciana Trust (Cyprus) Limited offer highly professional consultations, so drop us a note and ask for advice.

In general, though, Cyprus is your best choice when you are looking for the perfect gateway to penetrate new markets in Europe, Asia or Africa.  Cyprus is also your best choice if besides the strategic location you are looking for the sophisticated infrastructure, fast telecommunications, modern banking network and favorable tax system.

Cyprus tax benefits include:

As you can see, in many respects Cyprus is your best choice when you want to structure your business in the most tax-effective manner.

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